Pts P W D L
1.Man City 73 32 22 7 3
2.Arsenal 71 32 22 5 5
3.Liverpool 71 32 21 8 3
4.Aston Villa 63 33 19 6 8
5.Tottenham 60 32 18 6 8
6.Newcastle 50 32 15 5 12
7.Man Utd 50 32 15 5 12
8.West Ham 48 33 13 9 11
9.Chelsea 47 31 13 8 10
10.Brighton 44 32 11 11 10
11.Wolves 43 32 12 7 13
12.Fulham 42 33 12 6 15
13.Bournemouth 42 32 11 9 12
14.Crystal Palace 33 32 8 9 15
15.Brentford 32 33 8 8 17
16.Everton 27 32 9 8 15
17.Forest 26 33 7 9 17
18.Luton 25 33 6 7 20
19.Burnley 20 33 4 8 21
20.Sheffield Utd 16 32 3 7 22

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